Inflatable Moon Wreaks Havoc On Chinese City

A viral video shows winds from an approaching typhoon blowing a large, floppy, inflatable moon balloon down roadways and over cars in Fuzhou, China.

Commuters in Fuzhou, China witnessed a bizarre sight early Wednesday morning.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is set for Sept. 15th. The festival is meant to celebrate when the moon is believed to be the biggest and fullest. This is the second most important Chinese festival behind Chinese New Year.

This year’s festival was interrupted by the approaching super typhoon Meranti. According to The Shanghaiist, the storm has already caused problems for the festival before it even touched down on land.

The video shared all over social media shows a large, inflatable moon balloon — meant to be a festival decoration — bouncing around on roadways due to the typhoon winds.

The moon was one of many that had been set up in public spaces around the country for people to take pictures in front of. When it's lit up, the balloon is meant to resemble the full, bright moon being celebrated.

Inflatable moon balloon during mid-autumn festival in China

Unfortunately, the typhoon winds lifted one of the displays from its designated area and unleashed it on the streets.

The video taken from multiple commuters shows the slightly deflated balloon rolling over multiple cars, buildings, under a bridge, and almost engulfing a woman and her bike.

People have chimed in on social media, commenting about how hilarious the incident is.

The ones filming the incident, however, seem to feel a mix of horror, excitement, and confusion.

Hopefully, this incident is just a minor setback and attendees can enjoy celebrating mid-autumn and the full moon meant to represent prosperity, family, and peace.

Banner credit: Screenshot, China Xinhua News 

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