Instagram Model's Account Has A Powerful Hidden Message

The Instagram account of a Parisian fashion blogger who became internet famous in less than a month turned out to be a hoax with a haunting message.

Many people have walked into a party and were bombarded by a group of beautiful people holding drinks who looked like they were posing for a photo destined to be on Instagram.

The Instagram account of 25-year-old Parisian model Louise Delage is probably no different, but in this case there’s more to her stylish lifestyle than meets the eye.


Cheers ! ??

A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on


Fishing Time

A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on


?? Look ??

A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on


Business business ??

A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on

The model posing as Delage is, of course, a real person, but her wildly popular Instagram account turned out to be a social media experiment. The brainchild behind the account wished to capitalize on the dark underside to her allure, namely her apparent alcohol addiction. 

 BETC Paris’ creative director Stephane Xiberras told Adweek, “We thought an interesting way of showing [an addict] would be to create a person people would meet every day, but whom we’d never suspect of being an addict, by setting up a fake Instagram account.”

According to Adweek, BETC Paris created the campaign called “Like My Addiction” in partnership with the nonprofit Addicte Aide to bring to light the difficulty in spotting addiction in our loved ones. Addicte Aide’s data indicates that one out of every five deaths of young people in France is caused by an addiction.

In Delage’s last Instagram post on Sept. 22, a short film depicted all the images that she shared on the medium, honing in on the fact that she was drinking in nearly every photograph. The video was viewed over half a million times across social media, causing traffic to Addicte Aide’s website to increase five-fold.

Xiberas said, “Hopefully the campaign has served as an eye-opener for some. I hope they will contact Addict Aide or other local organizations working to help people struggling with addiction.”

Addicts come from all walks of society. This campaign from BETC Paris and Addicte Aide suggests that even those with seemingly the most glamorous of lifestyles can be struggling with the illness of addiction. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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