Take A Look Inside The Lives Of Ridiculously Rich Russian Kids

A mysterious social media account is publishing photos of the rich kids of Russian oligarchs to highlight social injustice in the country.


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It appears the kids of the over-privileged and elite live more or less a similar lifestyle no matter which part of the world they belong to — they all love to party, buy expensive cars and brag about their riches on the social media.

The latest example of this phenomenon comes in the form of an anonymous Instagram account that has documented the flamboyant lifestyle of the rich kids of Russia for quite a few weeks now, but just recently managed to draw Internet’s attention.

The biography of the unnamed profile clarifies its only purpose is to collect photos of the “mini-garchs”  the pretentious kids of oligarchs  that they post on social media. The images feature the ultra-rich youngsters with everything from luxury cars to private jets and famous people.

In fact, a rich teen even managed to get a picture with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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Although, the basic purpose of the account seems to be mocking the offspring of the mighty men of the Russian Federation, it also sheds light on the social inequality in the country.

Moreover, it gives a startling look inside the so-far secret lives of “mini-garchs,” as they party on their luxurious yachts, sip on incredibly expensive wines and show off their exotic pets.

Take a look at the images below to find out more about their ridiculously luxurious lives.


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