Instead Of A Tip, Woman Leaves Homophobic Slur On Receipt

A gay restaurant server’s recent run-in with homophobia has gone viral since he posted a cruel note two customers left for him in lieu of a tip.

The act of cowardly leaving insulting notes and messages on receipts has sadly become a frequent form of harassment in the United States.

Last year, a young Latina waitress received a note on her customers’ receipt that read, “We only tip citizens,” and earlier this month, a racist couple left the message, “Great service don’t tip black people,” on their bill after being helped by an African-American server.

Now, the trend continues with a Buffalo Wild Wings server being called a homophobic slur by two of his customers last week.

Kyle Griffith of Kentucky said his experience serving two women on Jan. 17 was completely ordinary until it was time to pick up the tab, The Huffington Post reports.

Instead of a tip, Griffith found a cruel handwritten note that read, “I don’t tip f***ots, sorry,” and the hashtag #UNeedJesus.

Griffith, who identifies as gay, noted that the patron could have just left no tip and carried on without the unnecessary insults.

Following the incident, Griffith took a photo of the check and posted it to Facebook where it went viral, garnering more than 1,000 shares.

He said he posted the image in hopes of exposing, “the hatred in the world we still live in, and to open at least an eye to the world’s problems.”

Eric Titus, who owns and operates the restaurant where Griffith works, told The Huffington Post that he was “disappointed” by the ordeal and vowed to defend his employee.

“Because Buffalo Wild Wings is about creating a great guest experience, we feel strongly that our restaurant environment needs to be respectful in order to provide the experience that our guests and team members expect and deserve,” Titus reportedly wrote.

Griffith said one of the customers involved in the homophobic stunt saw the image floating around Facebook and left a comment with an apology.

“She did apologize and said that it was a joke and that it shouldn’t have been a joke and that she felt bad for it,” he said. “My sexual preference at all shouldn’t be something someone should joke about.”

Indeed, it should not.

It’s all fine and dandy that the customer realized she was wrong, but the real issue is the fact that she ever thought it was OK in the first place. This kind of hateful rhetoric has become so normalized that people actually find it humorous. That, in itself, is extremely dark and disturbing.

Get it together, America. 

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