Intern Learns The Hard Way Not To Fall Asleep On The Job

An intern at an Atlanta-based company was caught sleeping on the clock and his coworkers took the opportunity to hilariously humiliate him for it.

As a rule of thumb, the two things you definitely don’t want to get caught doing at work are leaving your social media accounts open on shared computers and falling asleep.

Kory, a paid intern at an Atlanta-based firm called iris Worldwide, made the mistake of catching some z’s on the job and his coworkers unleashed a lighthearted hazing he will never forget.

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As you may have guessed, Kory’s colleagues snapped a photo, but they took things a step further by photoshopping his image in multiple hilarious memes.

According to Mashable, a coprywriter at iris Worldwide named Becca posted a series of photos on Reddit but noted that Kory — despite claiming he was “just brainstorming with his eyes closed" — was in on the joke and found it just as humorous as everyone else.

"When you’re part of the family, you’re treated like family, which is why when... Kory succumbed to his mid-afternoon sleepiness Tuesday, the creative team pounced," Becca said.

Becca also kindly clarified the situation for anyone thinking Kory might be a slacker or some entitled kid who doesn’t actually need a job. She said he is a full-time student while managing his internship.

"Our Atlanta office especially has an amazing and unique culture that allows us to work incredibly hard, but goof off occasionally too," she reportedly said in an email to Mashable.

She eloquently summed up the family-like dynamic between the team members at iris Worldwide to further explain why this little embarrassing prank is totally acceptable:

“We all genuinely like and respect one another, which is why we can Photoshop one of our employees as Voldemort and we all know it is done out of workplace appropriate love.”

Banner Photo Credit: Imgur user wavesatdogs

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