Forget ‘The Dress,’ Internet Can’t Decide If This Bag Is Blue Or White

A Kate Spade handbag is quite close to breaking the internet because people online just cannot decide on its color.

A designer bag has baffled the internet.

Much like the color-changing dress, which almost broke the internet and sent people across the world into frenzy, a handbag has sparked a fierce online debate about its color — people can’t decide if it’s blue or white.

Mississippi resident Taylor Corso snapped a picture on Tuesday of her new Kate Spade purse and posted it online with the caption: “Everyone say hello to my new baby.”

As some fashion enthusiasts rushed to compliment her “nice white purse,” Corso replied, “It’s blue.”

Little did she know, her little comment would send the internet into a meltdown.




“How are people seeing blue?” questioned one confused Twitter user, while another commented, “I feel like I’ve lost all sense of what color means now.”

Many also criticized Corso’s photography skills.





Designer Kate Spade has declared the bag’s color "Mystic Blue" in the company’s online catalog, but no one appeared to care.


Someone even attempted to sort things out by using photo-editing software to confirm the purse's true shade.


Meanwhile, Corso decided to use her unexpected online fame to further a good cause. Having already joined the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation One Walk, which raises money for scientific research to better treat, prevent, and ultimately cure type 1 diabetes, the handbag owner tweeted out this:


“My employer said that if I am able to raise $500 for the cause, my dog, Roux, can walk with me!” she wrote on her fundraising page.

Hopefully, this optical illusion will actually turn out to be beneficial in some way.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Flickr, Kate Spade Purse 

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