Internet Makes Hilarious Memes With Ironic Photo Of Trump And Obama

Following President Barack Obama’s White House meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, a photo of the two men emerged that has entered a Photoshop battle.

President-elect Donald Trump and future first lady Melania Trump met with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House on Thursday to discuss a peaceful transition of power.

Although their discussions were reportedly, “excellent,” there is a very paradoxical photo of Donald Trump and Barack Obama shaking hands that the internet is having a field day with.

Next to godliness...

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Barack Obama have drastically opposing views, and both men have publicly criticized each other on numerous occasions.

However, out of respect for the democratic process, they had no choice but to come together as Donald Trump gears up to take the reins from our current president.

In the photo, the tension between them appears so thick that you could cut through it with a knife, which made the image perfect fodder for memes galore.

By Friday morning, a full-blown Photoshop battle had ensued and the picture took on many different forms, adding humor to an otherwise catastrophic situation.


While the hateful version of America we have already begun to witness under “President Trump” is no laughing matter, most can agree that humor, in addition to self-care and love, are going to be the only things to get us through the next four years. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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