Trump Reportedly Jealous That 'President Bannon' Stole The Spotlight

Apparently, Trump was not pleased with people referring to his former campaign chair as “President Bannon.”

President Donald Trump’s administration seems to be getting even more chaotic with each passing day. Case in point: The commander-in-chief just removed White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon from the National Security Council.

The former Breitbart chairperson, the hero to Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti immigrant agenda, is believed to hold a very powerful influence on the business mogul. However, it seems that he forgot a minor detail — he wasn’t the president, he was an adviser to the president.

According to the reports, Bannon irritated the president by stealing the limelight. Several associates said the president had quietly expressed annoyance over the credit Bannon, a notorious white supremacist and an Islamophobe, had received for setting the agenda. Trump was definitely not pleased by the “President Bannon” puppet-master theme promoted by magazines, late night talk shows and Twitter.

“We are also told that maybe the president was not particularly happy at the way Bannon had been grabbing the limelight … that may have played into all of this,” John Roberts from Fox News reported.

Bannon’s controversial appointment prompted the viral hash tag #StopPresidentBannon.

Perhaps the commander-in-chief took "Saturday Night Live" and social media a bit too much to the heart when they called him out for being a Bannon puppet not knowing how to deal with the nation.



Although it’s still not confirmed why Bannon was booted from the NSC, the internet couldn’t let go of this detail.











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