Trump Challenges The Internet To Figure Out What 'Covfefe' Means

“When you want to say ‘coverage’ but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard.”

UPDATE: After President Donald Trump published the “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” tweet at 12:06 a.m. on Wednesday, the social media platform was lit with a variety of responses. Still, nothing could have prepared online users for what would happen just after 6 a.m., when Trump published a self-deprecating joke mentioning his unfinished midnight tweet:

Unfortunately, the original “covfefe” tweet was deleted shortly after his early morning joke. He then promptly got back into character with a standard bashing of Democrats.

Still, the early Wednesday incident was funny enough to make us all forget the president's feuds and conspiracies, even if for just a brief moment.

President Donald Trump might have finally broken the internet.

The man who blessed the world with words such as “bigly” and claimed he invented the phrase “prime the pump” (which has actually been used since 1932), seems to have coined another word that has managed to both baffle and bemuse the social media users.

Shortly after midnight, the commander in chief took to his favorite mode of communication and sent out a cryptic tweet.

That’s it.

He just wrote covfefe.

Given the president’s knack for typos (anyone else remember the hearby/hereby debacle?), people just assumed either Trump or one of his aides would soon realize their mistake and delete the tweet.

However, no one removed it.






The cryptic tweet remained on the real estate magnate’s official Twitter page for hours (and is still there as of writing this,) raising some valid concerns…




 …and giving birth to a number of legendary memes.











Who knew “covfefe” had the power to bring so many people together?











Even Merriam-Webster decided to join in on the fun:


People wondered how Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who once famously hid “among the bushes” to avoid press’ questions, would react to the gaffe.


“Covfefe” also sparked this interesting debate:


Now, as several people were quick to point out, Trump probably meant to write “coverage” and just went to sleep before checking what he had typed — or had his phone ripped out of his hands by a concerned adviser, who knows?


Trump’s covfefe was already blowing up the internet and had become Twitter’s top trending topic when the Urban Dictionary intervened and things just took a new turn:


Looks like Trump is just as inept at typing out simple words as he is at running the country.


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