iPhone Unexpectedly Blew Up In A Biker’s Shorts

A mountain biker was riding his bike in Australia’s Manly Dam when his iPhone 6 suddenly blew up in the pocket of his shorts.

One man’s iPhone couldn’t take the heat and exploded in his pocket this week.

Gareth Clear, a British mountain biker, was riding along Australia’s Manly Dam when his cell phone suddenly erupted and burned his shorts and even destroying his skin, Sky News reported.

Smoke and intense heat was spewing out of his iPhone 6 right before it exploded and melted his shorts and burned two layers of skin on his upper thigh.

“I fell to the side of my bike, the phone was in a rear pocket…I looked at my right hand side and I just saw smoke coming from the back of my shorts,” Clear said.

The 36-year-old was taken to the burn unit of Royal North Shore Hospital where he was given a skin graft after suffering third degree burns.

The top of his cell phone is unharmed while the bottom of it looks like “something of a chemical explosion.”

“I could see the metal bending and all the lithium leaking out of the bottom end,” he said.

Apple said they will investigate the incident further, but have yet to comment on the accident. 

It’s alarming that a trendy, expensive cell phone is so poorly made that it cannot fully function amidst the inevitable summer heat. 

Banner Image Credit: Reuters

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