Is The Writer Who Took Blame For Melania's Speech Even Real?

People are questioning whether the so-called staff writer who took responsibility for Melania Trump's plagiarized speech is a real person.

It would not be a normal day in America if there were not some scandal surrounding GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump or someone close to him.

Following the heavy criticism his wife, Melania, received for her copy-cat version of a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, one of Trump's staff writers came out to take the blame.

A copy of a letter from Meredith McIver made its rounds through social media and news reports, but many skeptics raised questions of whether McIver was even a real person or an fictional scapegoat created to take the heat off Melania.

If she is fake, it definitely wouldn't be the first time Trump created a false identity for his personal benefit.

An investigative report conducted by The Washington Post recently revealed that Trump has been known to use fake names, pretending to be his own PR person, to push exaggerated and fabricated stories to the media about his luxurious life.

There are some  including Piers Morgan  who spoke out to defend McIver by offering "proof" that she is indeed real, although someone's digging may have also ousted her as being a registered Democrat who hasn't voted in more than a decade.

According to Mediaite, McIver has also been credited as a co-writer on a few of Trump's books in the past, but again, even that must be taken with a grain of salt considering the real-estate mogul's history of making people up.

Nevertheless, McIver's lazy writing isn't a valid excuse. Someone on Trump's staff should have noticed that the speech sounded familiar.

A copyeditor, a PR person, or even Melania herself had to have read through the speech prior to sharing it with the world, and the fact that no one thought twice about it shows Trump's staff is just as politically ignorant as he is.

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