Is Your Job Too Boring? Sue Your Boss Like This Frenchman

Parisian Frederic Desnard is demanding almost half a million dollars from his former employer for what his lawyer calls "bore-out" from his really boring job.

According to a CNN report, Parisian Frederic Desnard is suing his previous employer Interparfums for damages caused from his boring job. A labor tribunal in Paris is currently considering the case, with a decision to be made by late July.

Desnard, 44, is suing the company for 360,000 euros ($415,000) in damages. He claims that he suffered a “bore-out” which caused him mental and health problems after working at Interparfums for four years, between 2010 and 2014.

Montasser Charni, Desnard’s lawyer, claims that “bore-out” is a form of harassment deserving legal action.


Charni said, "He suffered from a critical depression and had a traffic accident linked to an epileptic seizure...he fell into a coma and was on a sick leave.”

Apparently, Desnard was paid 3,500 euros per month ($4,000) to do nothing after he fell into a coma after the traumatic car accident. Desnard puts the blame on his dull job for causing depression which led to the seizure and his eventual “descent into hell” from boredom.

He worked as “general service director” at Interparfums but claims he was humiliated by his supervisors who called him names such as “the boy” and made him do their personal chores.

Interparfums laid him off 18 months ago because “he was missing for more than six months” according to their communications director, Cyril Levy-Pey.

A spokesperson from Interparfums denies Desnard’s allegations that he was called “the boy” by his supervisors.

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