Mouth-To-Mouth Gives Drowning Kitten Another Chance At Life

The one-month-old kitten has been adopted by the coastguard himself, and is now known as Charlie.

Italian Coast Guards near the port of Marsala in Italy were interrupted from their duty when a group of kids alerted them of a drowning kitten.

One of the coast guards immediately dived into the water to save the helpless creature. When he was brought to land, the kitten was lifeless, but the coastguard refused to give up on it, pressing the animal’s chest and rubbing the stomach in hopes to revive it.

When the kitten showed no sign of responding, the coast guard soon began administering CPR, combined with chest compressions.

“Breathe! Breathe. Wakeup,” he told the cat, encouraging it to come back to life. A few attempts later, the cat suddenly meowed and coughed up some water, as the men excitedly cheered on.

The furry creature, who was later taken to a vet for checkup, is now doing well. It has also found a new home, as the coastguard adopted him, and now calls it Charlie.

Just in June, a reporter, Nima Shaffe became popular online when a stray kitten interrupted his live shot. Instead of shooing the feline creature away, or getting it out of the camera frame, the kind man lifted it up and played around with it, before calling in the Michigan Humane Society.

The six-week-old animal was later given up for adoption.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kham

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