#Its2016AndWeStillDont Proves US Isn't As Progressive As We Hoped

The new hashtag #Its2016AndWeStillDont set out to prove a powerful point: America certainly is not as progressive as many people seem to believe.

Many Americans believe that the U.S. is fairly progressive when it comes to laws, rights, and even societal conventions — unfortunately, that simply isn't the case.

2015 was marred by conservative ideals that threatened to bring women's rights, LGBT rights, stigma's, and stereotypes back to the early 20th century. In fact, compared to other first-world countries, the U.S. is actually one of the least progressive.

It is the only industrialized country that doesn't offer paid maternity leave, it has one of the worst health care systems in any developed country, and ranks ninety-eighth in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature (that's down from 59th in 1998).

While some may be fooled, other refuse to be.

The new hashtag #Its2016AndWeStillDont set out to prove a powerful point about statistics such as these: the U.S. still has a long way to go before it can truly compete with the rest of the world.

Everything from homelessness, violence, rape, and environmental issues were brought up in these hard-hitting tweets.











What are we supposed to do with this information? If we were to take our place in the world seriously — comparing our laws, rights, and programs to those of the rest of the world — what should we do?

The answer is fairly simple: we should all take a stand, of course, and make sure legislatures and government officials take notice to these important issues.

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