Jackie Chan Tears Up During Emotional Reunion With His Old Stunt Crew

After decades of being in the film industry and pulling off uncountable epic stunts, Jackie Chan received a well-deserved — and long overdue — tribute.

In November 2016, martial arts guru Jackie Chan remembered his first-ever stunt crew and praised them for their loyalty and devotion to the job, when he received an honorary Oscar in Hollywood. 

To return the favor, the same stunt men came together to present the actor with an emotional tribute in the form of a video, which was aired in an episode of the Chinese variety show, “The Negotiator.”

Chan’s eight generations of “brothers” remembered him for his acts of kindness, devotion to the craft, and humbleness with comments about how he had changed their lives.

"I hope he lives a hundred years, that way he can take care of all the brothers a hundred years,” one man said.

“It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are not benevolent towards your brothers, Jackie would not let you join the team,” another added.

The team comprising of people from various generations then reunited on stage, gathering behind the emotional actor who was engrossed in watching the video.

“For 40 years, we’ve been through thick and thin. Fractured bones, broken limbs, sent to the hospital at 5 or 6 in the morning. No one sees that at the theater,” Chan said.

“The JC stunt team has grown for seven generations. And you see each of us getting old. I too am getting old. You see each class grown and learn. You see them rising up,” he added.

Chan then turned around to find all his stuntmen standing right behind him with a smile on their faces as they shouted “brother.” Bursting into tears, the actor hugged his teammates as most of them got teary-eyed.

The Jackie Chan Stunt Team came together in 1976 when a group of stuntmen and martial artists started working along with Chan on a regular basis. After the success of its 1983 film, “Project A,” the stunt team turned into an official organization, Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association.

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