Japanese Company's Apology For 9¢ Ice Cream Price Hike Goes Viral

You’d think the somber-looking executives in this video have gathered to announce impending doom.

Watch the latest viral video coming out of Japan and you'd be forgiven for thinking a huge tragedy has just befallen us all.

Don't worry, it's not the end of days yet — unless you count digging a little deeper into your wallet for ice cream as a time for mourning. 

Executives for Akagi Nyugyo, a popular ice cream brand in Japan, gathered in the video to apologize for increasing the price of its GariGarikun ice cream for the first time in 25 years-by 10 yen — 9 whole cents.

The 60-second ad ran on nationwide TV channels and has been watched more than 900,000 times on YouTube. It showed the executives seriously staring into the camera, arms folded as a popular song grieving over inflation plays in the background. It ends with a group bow — a sign of solemn apology.

The company previously increased its prices in 1991 and took out a newspaper ad to apologize for it.

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