Viral Video Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Working Mothers

The emotional ad explores the gap between pre-conceived ideals of motherhood and the reality that women often find themselves in.

Being a working mother and having to balance a career along with family is not an easy task.

In fact, it’s like an uphill battle where women continuously find themselves doubting if their best is good enough.

The struggle to be an “ideal mother” is a global one, which is exactly why the new ad for Van Houten Cocoa explores the disparity between the concept of the perfect mother created by the society and the everyday reality most women face.

The four-minute Japanese commercial shows working moms comparing themselves to an ideal mother and regretting simple things, like never having time to play with their kids, rushing out the door and not smiling as much as they should.

“I work to raise my child,” exclaimed a mother. “But not able to have time with my child because of work.”

It is emotional to say the least, though it gets even more poignant as each mom is then shown a video of her own kid describing her. As it turns out, what these women held true about themselves was completely different from how their kids saw them.

This ad serves a reminder to working mothers, who experience tons of guilt and often question if they are doing a good job, that their best can certainly be good enough.

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