People Can’t Get Over Trump’s Super-Awkward Handshake With Japanese PM

Japanese Prime Minister couldn’t hide his relief after being released from one of the most cringe-worthy handshakes in the history of White House.

Japanese Prime Minister

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be a polite man, but even he couldn’t hide his discomfort after being subjected to President Donald Trump’s long and cringe-worthy handshake where he tugged and pulled at the foreign leader’s hand for over 19 seconds.

Abe’s face expressions pretty much summed it all up.

The two leaders met in White House to discuss major world issues – including Trump’s withdrawal from TPP, the East China Sea dispute and the future of the two nations’ security alliance. However, if their deeply uncomfortable joint press conference was anything to go by, their conversation probably went as good as their super-awkward handshake.

 Perhaps, the reporters are partly to blame as well.

When Abe and the business mogul met at the Oval office, one of the photographers asked them to shake hands.  Since the former reality TV star loves air time, he decided to steal the limelight for as long as humanly possible and took his Japanese counterpart’s hand, jerking it this way and that, not letting it go.

They were a painful 19 seconds for Abe but a treat for photographers and social media users who couldn’t make enough jokes at expense  of what looked like a desperate friendship cry.

At one point, Trump even tried to draw himself closer to the Japanese leader.

However, Abe wasn’t too keen.

His iconic eye role expressed everything.

Alas, the prime minister was finally released from Trump’s clutches.

While the internet was busy mocking the interaction, the tweeter-in-chief took it as a “yuge” honor.

If you thought this was a one of a kind handshake action, you are mistaken because Trump is the guru of weirdness.

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