Video Of Japanese Public Commute Is A Horror Movie For Claustrophobes

Although the train looks overloaded, it is incredible how people just continue to get on and somehow find the space to stand.

In Japan, most people choose trains as their mode of commute over personal cars. Along with being affordable and convenient, these trains are also always on time, which makes being late to work a rare case. However, if it does happen, the train company even issues passengers an excuse slip, informing employers that the worker was late due to a genuine reason.

Yet, despite all the praise Japanese train system deserves, the commute can be rather nightmarish — especially for people who have fear of confined places. Every now and then, videos surface on the internet showing hordes of people getting onto trains that are already full to the brim.

A recent clip uploaded on YouTube by user Objectifjapon showed a group of people standing at the edge of a train carriage. Although it seemed like the compartment was full and could not accommodate any more people, other commuters somehow managed to get onto the coach.

The people didn’t seem worried or concerned. In fact, the rush appeared to be a part of their daily lives as young men and women watched their feet and hopped onto the train.  

The situation got alarming when one last passenger tried to find a spot on the train, but was unable to even put one foot into the cabin. As the train prepared to move, a watchman ran to assist the man standing so close to the edge that his foot came between the doors.

With a lot of struggle, the doors finally shut, bringing to life any claustrophobe’s worst nightmare.

Find out more in the video above.

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