Comedian Mercilessly Trolls Jesse Watters Over His Racist Segments

Fox News' Jesse Watters gets a taste of his own medicine when comedian Jason Selvig relentlessly trolls him over racist "Watters World" segment.

Earlier this month, Fox News' Jesse Watters visited New York City's Chinatown and did his best to cram every single racist stereotype about Asian Americans into his mediocre program. One of his consistent punchlines was that the people he accosted didn't speak English. 

Watters then made a lame attempt at an apology by tweeting that the post was intended to be "light" and that he regretted "if anyone found offense." The fact that Watters couldn't see that his segment was inherently offensive further proved how racist he is.

Comedian Jason Selvig decided to track down Watters and do his own segment to teach Watters a lesson about his brand of "humor." 

Selvig, who is one half of the comedy duo, The Good Liars, doggedly followed Watters on the street, bombarding him with "ideas" for Watters' next segment.

Watters initially greets Selvig warmly, saying "I love this!" but Watters quickly realizes he is the butt of the joke. Selvig uses an offensive "Asian" accent and bows to Watters, saying "It's pretty good, right? It's racist like you like."

Watters tries to make his escape as Selvig forces him to hear his other ideas, all of which promote racist stereotypes. Watters smiles weakly and tries to save face as he comes under fire, but the awkwardness is palpable.

"What about gay people?" Selvig asks before remembering, "Oh, you already did the gay pride parade." The video shows a flash back to Watters asking a parade-goer if he could start a "straight pride" parade. 

Selvig finishes his troll video by trying to get Watters to plug his new Netflix movie, "Undecided," but Watters refuses, apparently incapable of taking the same kind of "light" teasing he supposedly dishes out on his show.

A take down of Jesse Watters is long overdue, considering the number of times his program has been totally out of line and bigoted. Watters has taken his segment to a convention to celebrate Mohammad, where he suggested the Muslim community would be better served to have a convention about Islamic terrorism

Watters has played dumb about slavery and Jim Crow while interviewing a black student who said that "Make America Great Again" didn't reference a time that was great for people who looked like him. "What, you mean the 80s?" Watters responded. Funny, funny stuff.

Thanks to Jason Selvig, we get to watch Jesse Watters be almost as uncomfortable as all of the people he's interviewed on "Watters World," if only for a few, brief moments. Maybe Watters will even learn a thing or two about comedy after watching this clip go viral.

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