Jaw-Dropping Image Shows Fox Frozen In Block Of Ice

The fox froze after falling through the ice of the Danube River in southwestern Germany and is now on display outside of a locally-owned hotel.

Winter is a brutal season that shows no mercy. One poor fox, frozen in the Danube River in Germany, perfectly displays this, Mashable reports

Literally  a perfect display. 

Apparently, a hunter in Fridingen  which, according to the AP, is a town near near the upper reaches of the Danube  told news agency dpa that the fox drowned in the water after falling through the ice. 

Hotel owner Franz Stehle put the fox on display after cutting out the block of ice. He said it's not uncommon for wildlife to drown and then freeze in the river, and he's even seen frozen wild boar and deer.

Winters in Germany don't play nice. According to About.com, the average low in January is 23 degrees Fahrenheit, and according to a report from Accuweather, the temperature is dipping to about 21 degrees Fahrenheit in Fridingen, specifically.

If you're planning a winter retreat to Germany, be sure to bring your thickest jackets. And maybe pull a Snow White and try talking to the animals they could use a warning. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, jans canon

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