Jimmy John’s Cashier Is Totally Unbothered By Gun-Wielding Robber

A Kansas City Jimmy John’s cashier became an unexpected hero when he remained calm and cool while an armed robber waved and pointed a gun at him.

There are very few people with enough chill to stay calm while staring down the barrel of a gun, however, one Jimmy John's sandwich shop cashier showed us that it's possible.

Surveillance footage shows the moment a man with a handgun entered a Kansas City Jimmy John's and held a stickup, during which the cashier maintained the most poised demeanor.

It’s actually quite brilliant: The man — wearing a blue hoodie and a trucker hat — places an order as if he’s a regular customer but pulls out his gun once the cashier finishes ringing him up. The employee has practically no reaction at all. His face appears expressionless and he doesn’t even raise his hands up to make the “don’t shoot” gesture.

The worker just casually opens the register and starts handing over the cash, he even removes the cash drawer and passes it to the gun-wielding thief who takes the rest of the cash out of it and walks out — leaving the rolls of coins.

An investigation is ongoing, but Kansas City police announced Thursday that the suspect was identified and taken into custody. However, the real hero in all of this is the savage cashier who gave zero cares about a potentially loaded gun being pointed at him.

Whether it was bravery or simply indifference, that level of apathy in the face of danger is impressive. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Creative Commons, Mr. Satterly 

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