Kimmel Is Back With His Halloween Candy Prank And It's Funny As Ever

The show’s crew teamed up with some naughty parents to break the (fake) news to the kids — and the responses were hilarious.

Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel has a habit of doing things differently. From keeping alive the annual tradition of Halloween pranks to raising current political issues, the host does it all in his own style.

Keeping up with the yearly tradition of the Halloween candy prank, the host decided for the seventh time to prank kids in the most Jimmy Kimmel way by telling them all their Halloween candy had already been eaten.

The show’s crew teamed up with some naughty parents to break the (fake) news to the kids. After hours of trick-or-treating, that’s the worst news kids can receive. Naturally, the response of kids after hearing the news was hilarious.

Jennifer Lawrence, guest host of the show, opened the segment of the show.

The prank begins with a mother informing two of her children that “mommy and daddy got so hungry. We ate all of it.”

What followed was a long and extended cry from both the kids.

When the news was broken to a little girl, she demanded her mother to spill out all the candy from her mouth and tummy. Another boy threw a tantrum as his mother told him she ate all the candy that included M&M's and a fire truck candy.

Another girl went in a state of shock and remained completely silent after her dad told her about the candy.  Another weeping boy told his father that he is selfish because he ate all the candy.

While other children wept and complained to their parents, one sensible child tried to keep his cool and told his mother that it’s fine if she ate the candy and she can do whatever she wants to.

However, a boy went a little far ahead and flipped the bird at his mother who was asking for an apology. Another one slapped her mother right in the face after hearing the “heartbreaking” news.

In another hilarious reaction, a young boy told his mother he doesn’t love her anymore because she ate all his candy. Another one threw the candy bucket down on the floor and demanded his mother refill all the candy.

Watch the video above for more hilarious reactions.

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