Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Prank Is Back And It's As Hilarious As Ever

Keeping alive Jimmy Kimmel’s annual tradition, some parents told their kids the Halloween candy was gone. The reactions were absolutely epic.

After hours of trick-or-treating, the worst news kids can receive is that they won’t get to eat any of their precious candy.

Carrying on with his yearly tradition, Jimmy Kimmel decided (for the sixth time) to prank kids by telling them all their Halloween candy had already been eaten. He even did it with his own daughter, Jane.

The television host teamed up with some naughty parents to reveal the sad news to little kids, and the reactions, as always were awesome.

From dropping to the floor, throwing temper tantrums, sheer disbelief, to getting violent, the children did it all. However, one child kept her cool and denied that she was crying.

“My eyes are just watering,” the little girl said.

“My candy’s gone,” another child screamed, as her dad was heard replying, “I ate it all.”

When one mother revealed “I ate all your Halloween candy,” one adorable little human dressed in a dinosaur costume was seen running around in panic while simultaneously digging into his trick-or-treat bag.

“You’re just joking,” a more sensible child said when he was informed of the bad news. However, he soon lost of control as he ran toward his father and threw a punch.

“I hate you,” one girl screamed. “You ate all of our candy that we worked so hard to get. We went walking for hours.”

But one boy bagged the award for the most mature of the lot. To be fair, he was the eldest of them too.

“It’s Jimmy Kimmel. It’s Jimmy Kimmel. You’re hiding my candy, I’ve seen this before. I’ve watched YouTube.”

Check out the video to see the children’s epic reactions.

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