Clinton And Kimmel Defy Health Rumors With A Pickle Jar

Jimmy Kimmel lobbied hard to dump Tim Kaine from the ticket - he wants to be the veep.

With recent rumors of Hillary Clinton’s unstable health, and Rudy Giuliani telling people to Google “Hillary Clinton illness,” Jimmy Kimmel was not sure if the presidential candidate is fit enough to open a pickle jar.

He therefore invited Clinton to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to talk about her physical condition.

The Democratic presidential candidate joked with the show host asking him to take her pulse, making sure she was alive. He contributed with his humor saying “Oh my God, there’s nothing there.”

The duo also poked fun of Donald Trump and his physician who claimed Trump had the best medical examination ever seen in a human being.

Kimmel then took things to a whole new level to show the world that Clinton is as fit as a fiddle, and asked her to open a jar of pickles. Although, she admittedly struggled for a few seconds as anyone would, she breathed a sigh of relief the lid was undone from the bottle.

Jimmy Kimmel apparently also had a bone to pick with Clinton about who she chose as her running mate.

“At any point, did anyone mention my name? Was that ever entertained?” he asked.

“Oh I want you to know we took you very seriously.”

“See I don’t believe, because you picked Tim Kaine. Were you looking for somebody who looks like he jumped out of the front row of a Jimmy Buffett concert? Is that what you wanted?”

“I was looking for somebody who’s been a successful mayor, a governor, a senator, never lost an election, has a great record.”

“Its not too late to dump Timmy and get Jimmy on. You know what I’m saying?” Kimmel responded.

The two continued comparing Kimmel to Kaine, evaluating pros and cons.

Check out the epic video above.

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