Celebrities Read Music-Themed Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves never gets old, and this latest music edition of “Mean Tweets” by Jimmy Kimmel is solid gold.

Amid all the drama revolving around the 58th Grammy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel’s Music Edition of mean tweets is just what we needed.

The latest episode featured Lionel Richie, Ed Sheeran, Meghan Trainor, One Direction and Demi Lovato, among a few others.

"Meghan Trainor is like if the sassy girl you used to work with at Express just randomly had a singing career," Trainor kicked off the segment, reading the social media post out loud.

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The episode got more interesting as one Internet user tweeted: “Well Kelly Clarkson is on, time to go poop.” Charlie Wilson got compared to “that old creepy uncle you weren’t allowed to be alone with while growing up” and “Drake looks like a ferret with a baby afro!”

But the winner of the show was the tweet for Mumford & Sons.

“I love how music takes you away to another place,” it read. “Like Mumford & Sons is playing at this restaurant so now I’m going to another restaurant.”

Watch the video above to watch the musical edition of Kimmel’s massively popular segment.

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