New Edition Of NBA 'Mean Tweets' Is Out And You Don't Want To Miss It

"I bet DeAndre Jordan is so bad at free throws because his eyes are so close together," read on epic mean tweet.



Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets often take a jab at celebrities, broadcasters and athletes. Now the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show has returned with its latest edition of the schtick and this time it has targeted NBA stars and the host even gave fans a sneak peak of the segment a few hours before the entire thing was aired.

Shaquille O'Neal brought in a little girl to read out a tweet that targeted his weight and read "Shaq is not Shaquille O'Neal anymore. He's old and fat…if he lost weight he'd be better, but I can't say much. I'm addicted to eating, too." But O’ Neal who took the crude joke in the stride laughed it off and said: "Fat boys gotta stick together!"

Interestingly, in the full segment, amongst some very corny and mean messages from social media users, some tweets even got the basketball players into fits of laughter.

“I bet DeAndre Jordan is so bad at free throws  because his eyes are so close,” read one tweet.

 Jordan looked quite amused and the fan linking the placement of his eyes to his free-throw shooting abilities. 

James Harden didn’t look too thrilled at the tweet targeted at him, but read it out anyways with a frown. "James Harden always looks like he's just about to lead the Israelites through the Red Sea.”

Magic Johnson then took to the screen to read out a few words a Twitter user had to say about him. “Magic Johnson becoming GM is just another reminder that any stupid person can do anything they set their mind to,” the basketball guru read while pretending to be mad, but on the inside he was probably laughing.

But the winner of it all was Karl Malone who after reading the tweet to himself, chose to not read it aloud and denied the person insulting him the pleasure of his tweet being read out.

Check out the entire video above to see what Twitter users had to say about Doc Rivers, Walt Frazier, Joel Embiid and many others.

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