‘Uncle Joe’ Biden Gets Up Close And Personal With Senators’ Families

“Can I have a picture with just the kids? Forget you!” said the vice president to Sen. Marco Rubio during the swearing-in ceremony.

Vice President Joe Biden swore in newly elected Senate members on Tuesday, Jan. 4 — and he let nothing hold him back from his signature antics.

In full “Uncle Joe” mode, Biden got up close and personal with the families of more than 30 senators during the 115th Senate swearing-in ceremony.

He also had some quips (read: dad jokes) ready at every opportunity.

For Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who brought his mother to the swearing-in ceremony, Biden said, “When I die, I want to be reborn in Charleston.”

For Sen. Chuck Schumer, he had a whole arsenal ready.

“I don’t think he knows how to do anything else,” he said to Schumer’s mother after she boasted about how proud she was of her son.

“Grandma can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants to do it,” he said to Schumer’s daughter — a statement that arguably could be the worst one of the evening.

To Marco Rubio’s children, he said, “Dads are very hard to raise so be patient with him,” then asked Rubio:

“Can I have a picture with just the kids? Forget you!”

However, the vice president himself soon got snubbed by a baby in the best way possible.

But he scored one when he gave Sen. Chuck Grassley’s wife a kiss, smack dab on the lips.


He also successfully landed a smooch on Sen. Jerry Moran’s wife.


For the younger generation, he had some well-intentioned but old-school advice.



However, that did not stop him from making flirtatious comments about other people’s wives.



Of course, Biden couldn’t walk out of the ceremony without taking a few selfies.


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Joshua Roberts

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