Move Over Zuckerberg, John Cena Speaks Way Better Mandarin Than You

It seems like the WWE is willing to do absolutely anything to maintain good relations with China, which is why they had John Cena speaking in Mandarin.

In what is being called a “historic press event” in Shanghai on Thursday, WWE wrestler John Cena stunned the audience of mostly Chinese people by speaking in Mandarin.

Cena took to the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Arena to talk about WWE’s deal with a Chinese streaming service, PPTV, and spoke for around three minutes in the local language.

China also announced its first Chinese wrestler, Bin Wang, during the WWE occasion, which was the first event to be held in three years.

Cena went on to tell his audience that the wrestling company’s live shows in the country would be broadcast in local languages, making it easier for citizens to understand.

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"Today’s historic announcements further demonstrate WWE’s long-term commitment to China,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “Partnerships with PPTV and Expo Group, as well as the signing of Bin Wang, will enable us to engage our fans in China like never before.”

For the first time ever, Chinese wrestling fans will be able to stream two shows, SmackDown and Raw,  and all WWE content will be available for viewership on the country’s digital and social platforms. PPTV also plans to launch a new WWE website in China.

It seems like anyone and everyone is willing to reach out to China considering the vast business opportunities it holds. Just a few months ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen jogging through Tiananmen Square in Beijing with Liu Yunshan, the country’s propaganda chief, in an attempt to convince Chinese authorities to allow Facebook in the country.

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