Dad Fills In As Son's Rocket League Partner, Actually Scores A Goal

Although the dad, playing under the name of Actually Toxic, could not figure out how to turn his car around, he still managed to score a goal.

Rocket League Tournament

NBC presented 2v2 players across the country with a fabulous chance to show off their skills and talent with its Rocket League tournament, which also gave eSport aficionados a unique opportunity to appear on national broadcast and display their expertise to people all over.

A number of Rocket League fanatics jumped on the opportunity, including Josh “JumpOnStuff” Russo. However, a mere two days before the competition, Russo found out his partner, with whom he had been practicing the game, would not be able to make it to the Rocket League open. The news squashed his enthusiasm and he took to Twitter to apologize to the fans who had been looking forward to watch him play.


Luckily for the young man, he soon found a wonderful (although untrained) replacement for the open.

Shortly before the first game, Russo surprised his fans with this tweet:


Turns out, the fill-in was none other than Russo’s dad, Nick.

The older Russo was not familiar with Rocket League, which is essentially a soccer match with rocket-powered cars as players, but still tried his best to learn the basics (like figuring out the gas breaks and such) as soon as the match began.


Playing under the name “Actually Toxic,” Nick understandably struggled a lot. However, it all made for a rather beautiful and heartwarming moment, as the father-duo strived to beat their competition.

The Russos did not win the game, but the father actually managed to score a goal — that too by driving his car backward and sending the massive soccer ball flying into the goal.

Their fist bump was so touching.

Later, during an interview, Nick said playing in the Rocket League tournament was a great experience.

“One of the best father-son experiences I've ever had,” he said. “I've done a lot of pretty crazy things in my life and this is definitely one of them."

He also admitted he got incredibly lucky with the goal, as it turned out, he couldn’t figure out how to turn his car around and instead hit the ball backwards.

The dad became an instant celebrity on social media, with his son calling him a “legend.”






Nick Russo also chimed in:


Talk about father-son goals, pun intended.

Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters, Ina Fassbender

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