Man Hilariously Trolls Roommate By Turning His Mess Into Pieces Of Art

A comedian has brilliantly trolled his roommate by turning his messy lifestyle into individual pieces of “artwork” and placing whopping price tags with them.

Most people would lose their mind if they had to live with a messy person. But one man on Twitter has taken his roommates untidiness in the stride and, in fact, turned it into hilarious pieces of “artwork.”

Comedian Justin Cousson from Los Angeles, California, has created a “passive-aggressive” art gallery using his friend’s dirty dishes, cheese knife and other items sprawled across the living room, kitchen and laundry room. He apparently came up with the idea when his roomie’s messiness became too much to handle.

Cousson shared his creativity on Twitter, with the caption, “My passive-aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don't care for my emphasis on found pieces.”

Although there are 30 pieces of artwork in total, the young man has shared just a few of them on the social media site. Since then the images have gained around 7,700 likes and nearly 4,000 re-tweets.


“Knife left out on counter in striking distance of knife block , having been only used to remove seal of ice cream carton, which was also left on counter, leaving quite the sight as the last thing I saw before I gratefully left town for two week,” read one card place near a kitchen knife on the counter.



People on social media loved the comedian’s posts, and soon began commenting on his art gallery that used “mixed media.”





Some of them even shared images of their own messy homes and asked for Cousson’s opinion on the value of their “artwork.”




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