What Makes Justin Trudeau A One-Of-A-Kind Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau has made headlines one after another, but something’s simply set him apart from other politicians.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is turning out to be one of the best choices made by voters. Not only is he doing well on the political arena but has also become the favorite of thousands around the world.

As refugees poured into nations this past year and world leaders sent them back or mistreated them, Trudeau proved to be a class apart from the rest and personally went to the airport to receive them. He also handed out coats and blankets to keep them warm and gladly took pictures with fans who surrounded him.

Soon after, he invited ill children from an Ottawa hospital to watch the latest “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The Star Wars fan was accompanied by 20 children at the Ciniplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP movie theater in Ottawa for a private and advanced screening of the movie.

But that’s not all. Trudeau has done a bunch of other things, like let an Indian teen suffering from cancer assume roles as Canadian PM for a week, since it was his last wish.

Check out other reasons Justin Trudeau is one of a kind In the video above

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