Trudeau, Obama and Nieto Perform An Awkward 'Three Amigos' Handshake

Justin Trudeau has come up with a brand new handshake with Presidents Obama and Nieto, earning them the well-deserved nickname of the “Three Amigos.”

Can you say "awkward"?

President Barack Obama met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to push for sustainable energy sources across the continent in the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa.

However, when the time came for them to formally shake hands, Trudeau went for flash and solidarity. As he extended his hand to Obama, he reached with his other hand towards Nieto.

And the most awkward handshake in the history of handshakes happened.

A split second later, Trudeau realized his foul-up, even as Nieto’s hand grabbed his like a lifeline. All credit goes to President Obama, though, for not letting his face show any discomfort and hilarity of the situation.

Trudeau quickly let go of the three-way handshake and a relieved Nieto quickly shook Obama’s hand, this time in the proper way.

As was expected, Twitter quickly grabbed on to the whole five seconds of awkward action and had a field day on the three leaders’ expenses.













A few Twitterati referred to the act as the Illuminati handshake.





The three heads of states took their awkward moment all in good stride. Even if they might not cover too much ground in the clean energy summit, one thing is for sure: We will not forget this handshake for quite a while.

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