College Student Uses 'SWAT Team' As Excuse For Missing Class

A Kansas student wrote his professor an email asking to be excused for missing class because a SWAT team was conducting an operation in his neighborhood.

Admittedly, we all missed a class or two in college. Either because we were too hung over from the previous night’s rager, or simply because the bed just felt too nice and cozy to get out of for the latest in economic theory.

So when it came to making excuses for missing class, we probably tried almost everything. We had phantom tire flats, we had car breakdowns, and some of us — even if we don’t want to admit it — had killed off imaginary relatives.

But one Kansas college student might have trumped them all. What’s more, it was true!

The student and Reddit user, SgtScheisskopf, was unable to go to class because a SWAT team was conducting an operation in his neighborhood.

Ever the earnest student, he emailed his professor to tell him why he might not be able to make it to class.

It read:

“Good afternoon Professor [Redacted]

I know this is going to sound crazy but there is a sniper team outside my house right now. They’ve been there for about 2 hours now and it’s not clear whether or not they will still be there by 6. I live in [redacted] off [redacted] if you’d like to check with police. In the event that there is still a SWAT operation around my house by the time I need to leave for class would you consider excusing me for the day if I send you my completed assignments?

Again, I know this is a strange situation but I’d rather not leave the house at the moment.”

Being a savvy millennial, he added photographic evidence to go with it.

An actual e-mail I had to send to my professor yesterday...

Fortunately, his professor was incredibly understanding and excused him for his absence writing back:

“Lord Mercy — this is the first time I have gotten this excuse for not coming to class!! Of course I will excuse you. DO NOT leave your house until the danger is over.

Send me your homework, but be sure to talk with someone about tonight’s class. The take-home portion of the final will be posted.

Please let me know that you are OK, when this is all resolved. Also, I’m glad they are pointed away from
your house!”

Thankfully, according to Reddit comments, the situation was resolved without any shots being fired and SgtScheisskopf will have an amazing story to tell his grandchildren someday. 

Banner Photo: Reuters
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