Karate Teacher Tells Student It Is OK To Cry In Inspirational Pep Talk

“When you feel the pain, go all the way through,” the instructor told the young boy after multiple failed attempts at breaking a board.

Teachers are one of the few people who can truly make a difference in your life — and karate instructor Shärath Jason Wilson is definitely the kind of mentor this world needs right now.

A recently surfaced video shows Wilson, the founder and head instructor of the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy (CATTA) in Detroit, Michigan, teaching a young student the importance of never giving up.

“When you feel the pain, go all the way through,” the teacher told the boy trying hard to break a board during a test. As the kid got more frustrated with every failed attempt, Wilson asked him to channel his emotions into the task in front of him.

After multiple unsuccessful tries, the student tears up. However, instead of scolding him for crying, the instructor took the opposite route and stopped the lesson to take the youth through what he is feeling.

Wilson told him that it is OK for men to cry, shattering the stereotype that men aren’t supposed to appear weak or cry in front of anyone.

“We can teach them how to use those emotions to their benefit,” the teacher told BuzzFeed. “Men are humans and it's OK to cry, but never give up when facing adversity. During these perverse times, it’s truly vital that we, the men and fathers of this generation, do not allow our boys to grow up with a false sense of masculinity like many of us did.”

He also gave his student one important piece of advice in the face of current race related violence in the United States: “Being a black man in this country, you’re going to need mental fortitude.”

Wilson told the kid that he could do anything that he sets his mind to, and voila, the student actually managed to break the board at the end of the honest pep talk.

CATTA is a nonprofit institute for distressed boys and young men battling emotional turmoil.

“Our mission is to create a generation of men who are physically conscious and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world without succumbing to their emotions,” its website reads. “We are able to accomplish this mission through the comprehensive physical, mental and emotional stability training system of Musar Ru, which translates ‘Discipline of the Spirit.’”

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