Karma Plays A Cruel Trick On Impatient BMW Driver

A New York driver did himself a great disservice by trying to cut off another vehicle in traffic, ultimately wrecking his own luxury car.

An incredibly impatient driver made an impulsive mistake that resulted in his BMW being mounted on top of a Jersey barrier.

Another driver, who skillfully avoided the accident, caught the whole incident on his dashcam. The clip begins with the dashcam driver allowing a school bus to merge into his or her lane.

A BMW was driving behind the dashcam car and seemed to be a bit perturbed about them letting the school bus in, according to Mashable.

The disgruntled BMW driver then honked his horn and yelled before speeding up to pull around the dashcam driver to cut in front of him.

The lane they were driving in led directly to a freeway on-ramp. The BMW driver must have thought there was room to pass at the freeway entrance, but he was sadly mistaken.

As he attempted to blow past the dashcam driver, he ended up rear-ending the school bus and — with nowhere else to go — driving his car up onto the highway divider.

In the clip, the BMW driver is visibly frustrated and angry with his predicament as he exits the vehicle shaking his head and running his hands through his hair.

It appears from the video that no one was hurt as a result of the accident, which is the silver lining, but that precious BMW took a real beating.

The BMW driver completely ruined his chances of making it to wherever he was going in such a hurry.

Let this driver’s fateful brush with karma serve as a reminder that a little patience goes a long way. 

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab

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