Kayak Instructor Jumps Into Action After Spotting Beached Dolphin

Pelican Point Kayaking Facebook page is getting a lot of attention after one of its kayakers saved a baby dolphin from death.

With previous stories of people pulling out animals from the water to get the perfect selfie, and mistreating wildlife, this incident comes as a form of respite.

On June 8, a dolphin stranded on a beach in Namibia was saved by a kind kayak instructor who carried it back to the water, setting it free where it belonged.

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Naude Dreyer, who found the baby dolphin stranded ashore, carefully lifted the animal into his arms as and carried it back into the water. There is no information on how the male Benguela dolphin landed on the shore, but it sure seemed happy when it was released into the water. Within seconds of realizing where it was, the little dolphin zoomed off, waving its tail.

The heart-warming video was posted to Pelican Point Kayaking's Facebook page.

Facebook users around the world instantly responded to Dreyer’s kind efforts with comments congratulating him on his act of humanity. So far the video has been viewed almost 4 million times and shared around 50,000 times.

“If only there were a lot more people like this in the world...a few more specs are gradually appearing,” one Facebook user commented on the video while others congratulated him on a “good job” and praised Dreyer on his “beautiful soul.”

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Check out the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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