Keith Olbermann Perfectly Explains Why Trump Should Resign

"Trump has proved that not only will he lie to America about anything big or small, but that just as importantly, he will lie to himself," Olbermann said.

Beloved political journalist Keith Olbermann has something to say about President Donald Trump's sanity (or lack thereof), and we all need to hear it. 

Olbermann's message is straightforward and, quite frankly, correct. Best of all, he explains it in a no-nonsense, easily digestible format without once getting riled up.

Guess what? We already knew Trump's off his rocker — we just didn't know how to express it so eloquently, and the effects this would have on governing a massive body of people.

"It's time for Donald Trump to resign as president," Olbermann begins. "Admittedly, it's been an interesting couple of days, but for any patriotic American capable of adding two and two and not getting one and a half million, this is enough." 

Olbermann goes on to explain that during the course of the segment, which is "The Resistance" for GQ, he won't be berating Trump supporters. In fact, he commends them for believing in the success of the country.

He will, however, lay down the non-alternative facts: Trump is insane and views the country through a distorted lens. 

"What Trump does not believe cannot be true, and that way lies madness," Olbermann says. " ... like somebody who's strung out on drugs or somebody who's living in a complete dream-like state caused by profound, pulsating narcissism he will not believe that the outcome of any of his actions could be failure, or disaster, or even something that could be harmful to himself."

And in the end, Olbermann argues, do you really want that guy in charge of everything, including nuclear weapons? 

That's one fat, resounding "nope."

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