They Exist! Futuristic Car Turns Into An Autobot

Kia’s brilliant life-sized autobot is a snippet of the technological innovations that we could see in the next few decades.

Gone are the days when people would watch movies like “The Transformers” and be absolutely fascinated with cars and truck turning into giant robots.

Kia Motors Corporation has turned this dream into a reality by building a life-size autobot. The SUV featured at a recent auto show left people stunned as its panels split and rose to a standing posture.

The video of the vehicle, fully transforming into an Autobot, was uploaded on Facebook by an online user name Taiguer on March 2. Since then, it has managed to garner more than a half-million views.

People excitedly ran around clicking pictures of the brilliant innovation, stunned at how far technology has actually gone.

Check out the amazing video above.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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