Fans Attack Controversial Kick Boxing Winner, Knock Him Down

Things really heated up at the Glory 42 Kickboxing Championship event after Armenian Harut Grigorian knocked down his opponent.


Things generally tend to get really steamy at kickboxing events. But what happened with Glory 42 winner Murthel Groenhart recently in Paris was very alarming.

The Dutch athlete won the kickboxing championship after knocking down his opponent Armenian Harut Grigorian. It was fairly easy for him to take on Grigorian, who had already sort of lost it in the ring.

As soon as the second round came to an end, Grigorian turned his back toward Groenhart and began walking towards his corner. Groenhart made use of this situation and sucker-punched his opponent down on the floor, cold and bloodied.

But as the champion stood on the ropes to celebrate his victory, a storm of fans, seemingly Grigorian supporters barged in the ring and attacked Groenhart as a result of his knockout win.

“Some guy caught me with a hook to my face,” Groenhart said on the broadcast. “I got my guard up. With those hands without gloves, it came through to my chin and my teeth. I think it's broken, I don't know. It hurts,” he added of his aching jaw.

Many people were of the view this win was illegal. But Grigorian’s trainer Nicky Hemmers made it clear that his fighter turned his back due to a cut — “which you never do in a fight,” he said — and he didn’t hold it against Groenhart for hitting him. “It was not illegal,” Hemmers mentioned. “It was not nice to do, but it was not illegal.”

As for Groenhart, the 30-year-old athlete is one of Glory’s top welterweight fighters and the 2016 Glory welterweight tournament champion.

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