Kid Under Anesthesia 'Confesses' To Murder And Mayhem On Dubai Trip

A young Boston boy suffering from a broken arm channeled his inner-gangster and described a lavish and bizarre trip to Dubai while coming out of anesthesia.

A young boy named Brandon was completely disoriented when he awoke in the hospital still under the effects of anesthesia.

According to the description on YouTube, Brandon broke his arm sliding onto home base during a baseball game.

After undergoing treatment, he went on a hilarious rant about a fictional trip to Dubai and somehow acquired a bizarre accent to accompany the elaborate tale.

On his trip, Brandon apparently bought a camel as well as “billions of strippers.” He also mentioned a friend named “Rocko,” a name his family did not recognize which means he probably made him up, too.

He must have thought he was much older than he actually is because he spoke about his “hot a** wife and kids” who were also, apparently, in Dubai.

Brandon even “confessed” that he and his camel killed people along their journey and then asked that no one tell his lawyer.

He also kept referring to the person recording — likely his mother — as “woman” and at one point, “freaky woman.”

The teen was speaking with so much excitement that he started to shout and screech, his family had to quiet him down several times so that he wouldn’t disturb other patients.

Despite the fact that his relatives were diligently trying to calm him down, they couldn’t help but laugh at the outrageous things he was saying. He wasn’t too fond of the laughter, though, as he repeatedly asked, “Why you laughin’?”

Unfortunately for Brandon (fortunately for us) his entire drug-induced rant was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube in four parts for our viewing pleasure.

His world-traveling, camel-riding, murderous alter-ego is forever immortalized thanks to the World Wide Web.

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