Kim Jong-un Grins Next To Potatoes And The Photoshop Battle Begins

A bizarre image of the North Korean dictator smiling in front of a massive stock of potatoes has gone viral.


With his plump hands in the pockets of his double-breasted winter coat, Kim Jong-un beams as he visits a brand new potato factory in North Korea.

The state-run Korean Central Information Company launched the picture of Kim inspecting a Pyongyang potato flour manufacturing unit, posing next to millions of potatoes and providing instant inspiration to Redditors.

The creative Redditors transformed a screenshot Kim and his potato mountain into graphics that will tickle your funny bone.

The picture captured the eye of Redditor MILEK12, who shared it. The thread gave rise to Kim as Mr. Potato Head.

Still, the graphics can’t possibly beat the "slimmer Kim Jong-un" Photoshop edit, which made the leader look even more intimidating than the original.

Supreme Leader Ultimate Edition

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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