Biker's Kind Gesture To Driver Receives A Surprisingly Nasty Reaction

The video recorded from a biker's helmet camera shows just how an act of kindness can be turned into a disaster.

A biker tried helping a car driver who dropped his wallet and mobile on the road, but the driver misunderstands his act of kindness and starts abusing him.

A wallet drops from a Hyundai pulling out from a petrol station. The oblivious driver keeps driving his car with his phone also placed on top of the car.

Luckily a biker spots the mishap, picks up the wallet and speeds up to the car and honks his horn to get the driver's attention.

The driver, however, did not stop and kept speeding away.

Unaware that the biker is only trying to help, the driver flips off the rider and swears at him before stopping at the side of the road.

This is when the biker shows the car driver his wallet that he dropped — the apparently embarrassed car driver tries his hand at being nice: “Thank you so much, bruv,” he says.

The biker, having had enough, however, throws the wallet in the car and very casually picks up the phone from the roof of the car and casually drops it on the road.

As the driver tries to gather his wits, the biker speeds off.

Perhaps the reckless and rude driver needed this lesson.

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