Kind Woman Shells Out Hundreds For Stranger's Plane Ticket

A generous woman noticed a traveling father in distress and came to his rescue so that he and his toddler daughter could catch their flight.

In a random act of kindness, a woman purchased a plane ticket for a family she had never met before.

A father was in an airport checking him and his 2-year-old daughter into their flight when he learned that the toddler needed a plane ticket. He didn’t have a ticket for her, nor could he afford to buy one, according to

A traveler who witnessed the ordeal recounted the incident on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

“The man was confused because he was under the impression she could ride for free,” the person wrote, noting that when the father purchased his ticket, his daughter was only 1-year-old and didn’t need one, but she has since turned two — which changed everything.

“He was hit with emotion,” the post’s author continued. “He mentioned he couldn’t afford to rebook this flight or get her the ticket with such short notice. He stepped aside and tried to make a few calls.”

A woman who was next to the man at the airline counter stepped in to save the day. After talking to the father and learning of his unfortunate circumstance, she went to the airline agent and paid for the toddler’s ticket.

Even after the agent told the woman that the ticket would cost $749, she simply said “that’s fine” and proceeded to pull out her credit card.

“I was right there and I just said to her, ‘God Bless You!’ and they printed out the ticket,” the witness said.

The father asked for the woman’s information so that he could repay her for the expensive purchase, but she told him not to worry about it.

“She knew she wanted to help that man and his daughter no matter what the cost,” the witness wrote. 

This level of generosity is shocking because it's so uncommon, but it certainly deserves recognition. A round of applause for this woman, and others who still believe in paying it forward. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edgar Su

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