Kindhearted Coffee Shop Employees Comfort Grieving Customer

A Washington woman captured a heartwarming embrace between coffee shop employees and a recently widowed woman that is inspiring social media.

A touching moment of prayer at an unlikely spot was captured on camera and is making waves across the Internet, illuminating humanity’s compassion.

Barbara Danner was in line at the Dutch Bros. drive-thru in Vancouver, Washington when she witnessed three employees comforting the woman in front of her.

She learned that the woman had recently lost her 37-year-old husband the night before and the employees, upon noticing she was upset, stopped what they were doing to offer a prayer.

Snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros on 138th Avenue today. Turns out the young lady in line...

Posted by Barbara Danner on  Saturday, March 19, 2016

One of the co-workers is not religious, but still took the time to lend his support.

"She could have said she wanted an apple, and I would have gone and planted a tree and grown her an apple. It just happened to be religion that she wanted," Evan Freeman told The Oregonian.

“I hope that she is starting to find some solid ground because when I saw her face it looked like her entire floor got ripped from under her and she was falling,” Freeman added.

In today’s society filled with bigotry and hate-filled rhetoric, this particular action speaks volumes in realizing that compassion and warmth towards others is still not lost.

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Banner image credit: Barbara Danner/Facebook

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