TV Reporter Hilariously Walks Away After Live Report Fail

After a series of snafus, this news reporter finally had it.

A U.S. newscaster reached his maximum level of patience before finally getting visibly frustrated after a live breaking news situation went awfully wrong.

Doug Fernandez from KOAT Action News network in New Mexico introduced a shooting in Albuquerque before telling his viewers the reporter at field had more information about the incident.

"One person dead after a shooting in southwest Albuquerque," Fernandez said. "Action News reporter Christine Payes at the scene with what they know..." he continued, but the camera that was supposed to cut to the live reporter was still filming him.

Fernandez soon realized the live technical glitch and tried to manage the situation.

"Apparently, we don't have that story but right now, but astronomers," he said. But as soon as he uttered the word "astronomers," the screen cut back to Payes in the field. 

But this isn’t where the blooper ends. Fernandez was really being tested here, and then the camera decided to focus on him once more, revealing his snap reaction.

It was priceless, though.

The reporter can be seen throwing his papers in the air, as he rolls his eyes and walks off, looking really irritated with the situation.

Fernandez, who has worked with the network since 2002, has covered major stories; during the Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, the reporter was on air for more than 16 hours over a three-day period.

But this technical glitch just got to him.

And people on Twitter can relate with his situation.







Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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