This Woman Has Been Practicing Kung Fu For 89 Years

She was 4 when she started practicing Kung Fu. Zhang Hexian is now 93 years old and she can give professional martial artists a run for their money.

For China’s “Kung Fu Grandma,” age is just a number.

93-year-old Zhang Hexian’s impressive martial arts skills and perfect health have left people awestruck across the globe and why not? After all, she has been practicing kung fu for nearly nine decades.

“I started when I was 4 years old," she told CNN. "It's my family tradition that has lasted more than 300 years."

Zhang’s type of kung fu originates from Fujian province. It has 15 different styles and 36 moves and it takes up to three years to master each move.

So, what’s the secret behind her good health?

“To have good body, you need to exercise and keep a positive attitude," she said. "It's also important to help others as often as you can."

Currently, Zhang teaches kung fu to students in Liyang town in Ningbo city. But she also uses her skills to help the people of her village.

During an interview with, she recalled an incident when she witnessed a man beating his wife.

“I was so angry that I rushed to them and hit the man on his chest,” she said.

But Zhang says kung fu is not meant to be used for violence.

“Our ancestors instructed that we learn kung fu for defense and to help others, not to bully others,” she added.

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