Kung Fu ‘Master’ Flicks Cards So Fast, He Can Pierce Beer Cans

Zhou Chaofeng has been practicing the card throwing trick for nearly 11 years as well as kung-fu and other forms of martial arts.

Have you ever tried opening a can of beer with playing cards? Sounds bizarre and utterly impossible right?

Well, not for one “kung fu master” in China.

A spectacular video, reportedly filmed in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, shows martial artist Zhou Chaofeng piercing a beer can from a distance using nothing but a card.

The incredible feat has, of course, been achieved after years and years of training. Chaofeng has been practicing the trick for nearly 11 years along with kung-fu and other forms of martial arts.

Card throwing is a trick usually associated with stage magicians. American performer Rick Smith Jr., for example, holds the world record for throwing a playing card from the greatest horizontal distance (72 yards). Last year, he made another record by throwing a card vertically 67 feet.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kim Kyung-Hoon

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