Man Stops Scooter-Riding Phone Thief With Kung Fu-Style Flying Kick

A scooter-riding thief in China learned the hard way he picked the wrong person to steal from. As it turned out, the owner of the phone practiced martial arts.

A scooter rider in China stole a man’s phone but didn't get away with it because it turned out, the owner of the phone practiced martial arts — and was pretty good at it.

The incident, caught on surveillance cameras, occurred in Foshan, Guangdong Province, according to UPI.

It appears the thief stole the phone earlier. However, when the owner, who is reportedly a truck driver, spotted the crook, he decided to stop him using his martial arts skills.  

As the thief tries to ride off on his scooter, the truck driver suddenly steps in front of his way, then jumps up and delivers an incredible flying kick. It is so powerful that it knocks the rider off his moped.

The thief lies on the ground as his scooter falls over him. The truck driver punches him, prompting the criminal to hand the phone back to its owner.

The thief will probably think twice before trying to steal anything from anyone ever again.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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