LA's 'Banksy' Trolls Trump With ‘No Trump Anytime’ Signs

Plastic Jesus' newest art installation trolls Donald Trump's campaign with street signs in heavily-populated, metropolitan areas throughout the country.

Metal street signs with the words “No Trump Anytime” emblazoned in red lettering have been popping up throughout the country in an effort to troll the racist, sexist, bigoted GOP presidential front-runner.

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The signs have been spotted in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and of course Washington, D.C. They’ve been installed in high-traffic areas and near iconic sites such as the Capitol Building, Hollywood Blvd., and even Trump Tower.

They look exactly like “No Parking Anytime” signs and therefore blend in perfectly with the surrounding legal signage.

You can thank the L.A.-based street artist Plastic Jesus for this genius stunt. He has been deemed “The Banksy of L.A.” for his cunning way of using artistic talents to take on pop culture, corporate greed, the War on Drugs, and other socially destructive issues.

“I considered the effect Trump will have on the whole of the nation,” he reportedly told The Daily Beast. “I think it will be a unilateral disaster.”

He went on to describe in greater detail why he chose this particular installation to send his message:

“I’ve been thinking as an artist and a street artist of what I can do in terms of a piece that focuses on Trump,” he said. “I didn’t want to be frivolous with it. I wanted to find something that would have perhaps a deeper meaning.”

“I hope it makes people think about what Trump would mean in their city and their state, across the U.S,” he added.

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Groups of volunteers in all of the aforementioned cities erected the signs over the weekend. Since Plastic Jesus’ signs have started getting attention, he’s received many requests from residents of other metropolitan areas for “No Trump Anytime” signs to be placed along their streets.

“I’ve been a photojournalist for over 20 years and I’ve traveled to a lot of countries. I’ve seen the effect that politics and policies can have within a nation, which sometimes can be quite devastating,” he said. “Look at Haiti and how some African nations with terrible leadership year after year have an effect on culture, society, and poverty. I think Trump will have a devastating effect on the U.S., which has done so much in the last few decades for equality and culture and fairness. I think he’ll set us back a few decades.”

He reportedly said he plans to post downloadable PDF files of the “No Trump Anytime” image so people can print them at home and put the signs up in their neighborhoods with the hope that more and more Americans will open their eyes to the devastating future that likely lies ahead if Trump is elected president.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/quinntheislander

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